Privacy Policy

We Respect Your Privacy

StatsAdvisor® (Effect Web Agency, Inc.) respects your privacy. Below are answers to the most common questions regarding the operation of this web site

Types of Collected Information

We only track information that is public. The following are some of the examples of the information we collect on Web sites that use the StatsAdvisor® Service. This is not an exhaustive list. Your IP address is known to every Web site you visit. We use this IP address to count people and to have a unique identifier in the database to associate data with. Your IP address does not identify you personally or your physical address. We track the Web pages on our Web site that are accessed. This helps us know what people are looking at. We also track what URL referred a person to our web site (if there was one). This tells us what sources of traffic we have. Sometimes we track what brands of browsers people use to keep our web site compatible with these browsers. It's also helpful to see what screen size people are using on our web site so that we can cater our web site design to the most popular screen sizes.

For those people that sign up for our services, we store the information they submit in order to provide the services. We do not sell email addresses, names, or physical addresses to anyone.

Use of Collected Information

StatsAdvisor® will use personal information to:

  1. Contact you regarding the services or other products
  2. When required by law
  3. To process and provide you with service
  4. When you consent for us to share the information

StatsAdvisor® will use non-personal / public information collected to:

  1. Promote StatsAdvisor®
  2. Improve our Web site, Marketing, and Services

If you have any questions, please contact us at: